Babson-United, Inc. is a private, family-owned, non-bank holding company involved in the management of family real-estate and other holdings.


Prior to May of 2002, the company operated a registered investment advisor.  The antecedent to that privately held and renowned metropolitan Boston firm was founded in 1904 by Roger W. Babson, who also established Babson College, located in Babson Park, Massachusetts.  Babson College is acclaimed and nationally recognized as, "The #1 ranked college for entrepreneurial business studies."  Roger Babson was famed for predicting "The Great Wall Street Crash" in 1929 and for prior positioning of his clients' assets.  A fundamentals-based, long-term style to equities investing was a mainstay of his investing philosophy. 

A Short History


Babson's Reports, Inc. founded (originally as the Office of Roger W. Babson)


United Business Service Company founded (originally as Investment Bankers Bureau, Inc.)
1919 U. S. Bulletin published by Office of the President (Wilson) to coordinate wartime production
1919 Armistice declared; U. S. Bulletin sold to United Business Service Company
1921 United Business Service Company sold to Paul T. Babson.  Weekly newsletter United Business Service inaugurated.
1927 United Investment Counsel incorporated for portfolio advisory
1966 Name of weekly newsletter, United Business Service, changed to United Business & Investment Report.
1966 United Business Service Company buys Securities Research Company.
1986 Babson's Reports sold to United Business Service Company.
1986 United Business Service Company changes name to Babson-United Investment Advisors, Inc., and Babson's Registered Investors becomes an operating division of Babson-United Investment Advisors, Inc.
1986 New parent holding company, United Business Service, Inc., created.
1987 Name of weekly newsletter, United Business & Investment Report, changed to United & Babson Investment Report.
1996 Securities Research Company becomes operating division of United Business Service, Inc.
1998 United Business Service, Inc. name changed to Babson-United, Inc.
1998 United & Babson Investment Report becomes operating division of Babson-United, Inc.
1999 Name of weekly newsletter, United & Babson Investment Report, changed to Babson-United Investment Report.
2001 Subscribers of Babson-United Investment Report are migrated into an unrelated firm's publication.  Babson-United Investment Report ceases publication.
2002 Investment advisory clients of Babson-United Investment Advisory, Inc. are migrated to an unrelated firm.  Babson-United Investment Advisors, Inc. ceases to operate as a registered investment advisor (RIA), and name changed to BUIA Holding, Inc.
2004 Babson-United, Inc. sells Securities Research Company to an unrelated corporation with the same name of Securities Research Company.
2004 Babson-United Inc. commences operation as a private, family-owned, non-bank holding company.

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